Pumpkin Carving Contest Details & Rules

  1. Is there a fee to enter the pumpkin carving contest? 
    Yes, it is $10 per pumpkin.  You can enter as many pumpkins as you’d like.
  2. Do I have to participate in The Great ALPV Scavenger Haunt in order to enter?
    No, you do not need to be a participant in the scavenger haunt in order to enter the pumpkin carving contest.  These are separate events.
  3. How do I enter my pumpkin(s) in the contest?
    Each participant MUST submit at least one photo of their finished creation to ScavengerHaunt@ALPV.org.  The photo MUST include a sign next to your pumpkin that says, “ALPV 2020” to ensure that this is a current creation.  You can send additional photos without the sign and from various angles if need be.   Also, be sure to include which category you would like to enter (scariest, funniest, most unique and best decorated/non-carved).  Remember, to register and pay your $10 contest entry fee for each pumpkin you are submitting.
  4. When is the deadline to enter?
    You can sign up to enter the contest anytime on the registration page, and photos of your pumpkins MUST be submitted no later than Wednesday, October 28 at 5:00 p.m. (PDT).
  5. What are the contest categories?
    There are 4 categories: scariest, funniest, most unique and best decorated (non-carved).  Be sure to include which category you would like to enter when you email your submission photo(s).
  6. Are there prizes?
    Yes, we will be awarding the best pumpkin in each of the 4 categories a $125 Amazon gift card.
  7. How are the winners chosen?
    The first round of voting will be conducted by the ALPV event planning committee.  Each committee member will vote for their favorite pumpkin in each category. The 5 pumpkins with the highest number of committee votes in each category will move onto the second round of voting.  During the second round of voting, the top 5 entries from each category will be shared with The Great ALPV Scavenger Haunt participants who will be invited to vote for their favorite in each category.
  8. When and how will winners be notified?
    Voting will take place October 29 and October 30 and the winners will be announced on Halloween (10/31).  We will notify each winner by email and will also announce the winners on the ALPV Facebook and Instagram pages.

Register My Pumpkin

Please be sure to read the Pumpkin Carving Contest Details & Rules and then click on the link below to register your pumpkin in the Pumpkin Carving Contest.  You will receive an acknowledgement email with your registration purchase information.

Email a picture of your carved/decorated pumpkin, along with a sign that says ALPV 2020, to ScavengerHaunt@alpv.org. Please include the order number from your acknowledgement email and the entry category in your email.